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Trad & Trade

Your trusted sales consultant to export your products in Italy. Translation services and negotiation interpreting at the most important international trade fairs.

Multiple professionals in one

I am a professional in translation services and negotiation interpreting as well as an expert sales consultant specialized in export business for almost 20 years with a constantly expanding portfolio of clients who continue to trust my services.

Contact Trad & Trade to find out exactly what I can do for you.

A single point of reference for multiple services:

Export sales consultant

Temporary export manager for SEMs

Linguistic services of translation and interpreting

Technical translations and negotiation interpreting

A single professional for multiple services

Specialista vendite export


Course of studies and professional experiences

My name is Riccardo and I graduated in Linguistic Mediation Sciences from the University of Pisa, formerly the High School for Interpreters and Translators. I live in Tuscany in the beautiful Versilia and during my academic career I learned the different translation techniques relating to the various sectors addressed: from tourism to food and wine, from architecture to economics, from technical to literary texts, and so on and so forth. In 2003 I moved to the United States where I worked as a Counselor for InterExchange, a humanitarian organization partner of the US Department of State. After graduating, I worked for almost 20 years as an Export Manager for various companies, creating an international sales network by activating distributors and resellers all over the world, significantly increasing their turnover. This has allowed me to travel a lot, visiting both existing and new potential customers and to organize and participate to many international trade fairs in several sectors: automation, lighting engineering, civil protection, machine tools, industry, construction, mobile rescue, electrical engineering, show business, etc.

I have traveled a lot to Germany, France, England, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

Negotiation interpreting and the multiple translations of the various texts, catalogues and technical data sheets to promote the product abroad, in addition to the various specialization courses in business language, have allowed me to achieve an advanced professional knowledge in English , German, French and Spanish, I am a native Italian speaker.

Analisi del grafico

Trad & Trade services

Export consultant to sell your products and services in Italy.

Negotiation interpreter English-Italian for your trade fairs in Italy.

Certified interpreter for your English-Italian translations.

I make all my experience available for the successful outcome of the negotiation.

Vendite export

Export your products and services to Italy

Your export sales consultant to search for new customers and sales channels in Italy

Trade promotion and activation of new distributors and resellers in Italy

When choosing target markets the watchword is to simplify.

Rely on Trad & Trade, services as an expert consultant in export sales as well as an English-Italian certified interpreter and translator, I will be able to help you identify the most competitive elements in which to invest by establishing priorities based on your needs and your budget.

The activity consists in evaluating the resources and investments required in order to achieve the maximum result in the shortest possible time.

Interprete di trattativa per fiere di settore

English-Italian interpreting

Meetings / Events / International trade fairs/ Remote

It is always recommended to contact a certified interpreter and translator if you do not speak the same language of a new potential customer. Trust my professional experience during the most decisive moments for your company.
With competence, professionalism and precision, I will help you win over even the most coveted clients in Italy.

Rely on Trad & Trade services for the success of the negotiation, to advertise and show your products in the best possible way during an event or trade fair and to enhance their points of strength using an appropriate and professional target language, avoiding misunderstandings and inaccuracies.

I am a native Italian speaker.


English-Italian translations

Precision and punctuality

This service is one of the most requested and often brings customers back thanks to my precision and punctuality. If you need to translate a text, a catalogue, a website, a product sheet or a blog post from English to Italian, let's discuss it together: I will find a way to personalize the service and to make it tailor-made for you.
It is not enough to use a good dictionary or an online translator to be able to say you know how to translate, but there are techniques that only a native speaker professional in the sector knows and which he has acquired over the years thanks to specific studies and experience in the field. It is essential to use a coherent language and choose those who know this sector firsthand.

I hope I can collaborate with you very soon.

Contact me now.


If you are looking for an export sales specialist or an English-Italian interpreter and translator to help you market and export your products to Italy, do not hesitate to contact me,

I will be very happy to help you.

Please don't hesitate to ask now for further information.

Viareggio (Lucca) - Italy

Cell. / Whatsapp (+39) 389 91 95 264

VAT: IT 02691390468

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